Identify, Prioritize, Remediate: ValueSec's Vulnerability Management

Use ValueSec’s complete vulnerability management services to safeguard your company. Determine, evaluate, and fix security flaws to strengthen your online protection.

Vulnerability Management

Gain Visibility from Attackers' Perspective

The open and unpatched vulnerabilities are sweet spots for attackers. In order to saw those vulnerabilities, we need to see like attackers.

Our expert team gives you the perspective from attacker point of view, and that help you to immediately take corrective actions.

In a penetration test, the risks are exploited to bring the POC on the table for your IT Team. Pen Testing is done normally once in a quarter or every year. In contrast, vulnerability assessments can identify, quantify and prioritize technical gaps in your IT Landscape more frequently. This enable your IT team to mitigate and minimize those vulnerabilities before attacker can exploit them.

We go above and beyond the automated vulnerability scanners by putting real humans on job, scanning manually and therefore minimizing the false positives. The automated scanners have limitations and they can’t check cyber holes beyond a certain point, for Example: OTP(One time Password) Bypass gap, concurrent logins, timeout are some of the many gaps which can’t be detected by automated Scanners.

We recommend enterprises not to rely completely on the commercially available scanners. It does not cover those yet to be discovered and thus cannot protect you from new threats, and also these tools can’t always detect complex attack vectors in their current generation of capabilities.

Another big pitfall is, automated vulnerability scanners fail to provide information on the operational implications of a detected vulnerability. Instead, they report the basic attack information and provide limited mitigation options to restore the affected systems.

Our Vulnerability Scan Service contains the benefits of an automated tool and the expertise of security professional.