Control the Attack Landscape

Use the attack path management services offered by ValueSec to strengthen your cyber security. Determine and block any points of attack.

Attack Path Management

You can see exposed and vulnerable assets in your organization, but you cannot see how attacker will traverse through those devices to perform attack.

We uncover the full attack path. We enable you to see all ways, and help closure of exposures of today, to prevent the attacks of tomorrow.

We offer continues monitoring of attack surface provides Continuous Risk Monitoring, Enables Safe Automated monitoring of entire network, provides comprehensive attack modelling from any breach point to critical asset, enables you to move from Proactive security model to rapidly prioritize and respond to risk, provides hybrid coverage across on-prem and multi cloud in a single console.

The process of attack path management, starts with putting out foothold and understand your environment, then collect and correlate all exposures onto a attack graph, identification of compromised security control gaps and assets, crawling all environments, reporting of business risks and finally prioritization of remedies. The real outcome is a chokepoint in your landscape which can create serious trouble for business.