Cyber Risk Assessment

ValueSec offers a thorough cyber risk assessment that helps you prioritize mitigation solutions and finds potential security gaps.

How do you know whether your current cyber risk management is working?

  • Is your organization able to identify risks earlier and expand your management’s decision window?
  • Are your lead and lag indicators for key cyber risks areas improving?
  • Did your company’s cyber risk management efforts reduce variability in your profits/cash generated vs plan?
  • Is your total cost of cyber risk improving?

Valuesec Security Assessment Services Benefits

Our Cyber Security Assessment Services are not limited to finding gaps in your IT Systems and applications. Unlike other conventional cyber security assessment services which are highly focussed to address issues of CIO and CISO, our assessment program is wholly built on principle of attaching cyber risks to potential damages to real business of the enterprise.

Valuesec Security Assessment Services Outcomes

Our cyber security assessment service outcomes provide great visibility to board members who formulate business strategy for enterprise, and it help them to relate the consequences of lags in cyber security to impacts to business.

Along with cyber security assessment services, we tailor a strategy and roadmap that aligns with your business objectives to help you be resilient and reduce cyber risk.

For example, the topmost outcome from our cyber risk assessment service is Key Actionable for Board members and Business leaders such as establishing accountability in enterprise, rightful delegation of powers w.r.t cyber security, resource allocations, right budgeting, cyber insurance contracts, forensic assessments, looping in cyber crime negotiators, hiring of advisors, establishing risk tolerance levels and defining risk taking capabilities, managing enterprise media channel for cyber issues, building abilities to report the cyber incidents to regulatory bodies such as Government bodies CERT-IN, SEC etc and customers.