Defensive Cyber Security

Protect your data and systems with ValueSec’s tiered defensive cyber security solutions. We provide security awareness training, endpoint protection, and more.

It is No Longer a matter of If, But When

Enterprises Cyber Security Strategy is often complex, have multiple pieces with missing linkages between them, have frictions with business processes and all of this leads to many uncover and unknown holes in the whole landscape.

Many organizations get breached despite having good cyber defence tools & processes. The problem lies in the approach of stuffing the technical tools into the IT and business environment of the enterprise, rather than focussing on two most important factors which helps in containing the damage to minimum.

Unfortunately, no environment is 100% cyber-attack proof in world and we don’t promise that either. With Valuesec Defensive Cyber Security Services, we can enable you to degrade the attacker’s manoeuvrability within your enterprise landscape and detect any suspicious activity in a short duration. These two tactics will contain the damage within minimums.

We help organizations plan and structure their security functions in the best way, our seasoned experts help with advice and guidance, in both structured environments and customized engagements.

We work with world leading OEMs like Fortinet, Blackberry, LogRhythm, IronScales, ClearPhish, BigID, Cloudanix, LogPoint, Safetica, GTTB , TitanHQ, iZooLogic, ProDMarc, Blackkite, Simpledmarc, ManageEngine, Firemon and many more to provide service to our clients.

Services that are Included