Managed Services

Stop managing security yourself. ValueSec’s managed services provide 24/7 monitoring, threat detection, incident response, and more.

We offer two types of managed service:

  • Fully managed services: We own the product and & you consume the product. We bill for skilled manpower and product license Cost. It will be hosted on our Infrastructure.
  • Co-Managed services: You own the product licenses and we manage it for you end-to-end. The product can be implemented in your own premise, datacenter, on your cloud and also on our cloud environment. We bill for manpower only.

Valuesec Managed and Co-Managed Services Benefits

Enhancing threat coverage and visibility

Valuesec managed service uses the latest telemetry to enhance visibility and coverage of memory-resident malware, policy violations, command and control (C2) activity and other advanced attack techniques. Threat coverage can be benchmarked against MITRE ATT&CK.

Accelerating response to attacks

Our security experts provide the actionable mitigation guidance needed to respond to incidents and, when necessary, can leverage automated incident response playbooks to contain and disrupt attacks before they can escalate.

Supports proactive threat hunting

Our experts use their knowledge of the latest tactics and techniques used by cybercriminals to create custom watchlists that help identify emerging threats that traditional endpoint solutions miss.

Eases the strain on in-house teams

By analyzing, triaging and prioritizing alerts and only communicating those which genuinely require attention, Valuesec SOC experts enable your in-house security team to focus on incident response and other aspects of security management.