Identify & Address Weaknesses

ValueSec offers security architecture evaluation services that will help you maximize cybersecurity. Detect weak points and improve your security.

Security Architecture Review

There is a possibility that due to invisible holes in your IT Infrastructure, the attackers are finding it at ease to break into.

These security holes are due to wrongly configured or poorly designed IT Infrastructure. Most of the time it happens because of the lack of time and lack of strong reviews by cyber security experts.

Valuesec experts provides practical recommendations, prioritization and solution for architecture road-map for your existing Infrastructure and upcoming infrastructure.

The most common bottleneck is complex recommendations given by Cyber security vendors post infra-assessment which are almost next to impossible to configure because of multiple dependencies and legacy systems. Our experts assign risk ratings to each identified not only on probability and impact but also on overall disruption in terms of brand value loss, dollar value loss and operations loss. That helps IT teams to pin point on the most relevant cyber security hole in Infrastructure.