Understanding External Penetration Testing

With the help of our advanced external penetration testing services, shield your network from outside attacks. ValueSec helps you find security gaps and make your security stronger.

External Penetration Testing

Attackers can exploit your web facing platforms – such as billing system, franchise portals, mail login portal, SaaS portals, FTP servers, order booking systems etc. Our external penetration service is designed to test the effectiveness of your network perimeter security controls along with capabilities of target to detect and prevent attacks. Our experts can determine your ability to identify weaknesses in your internet-facing systems.

With a periodic evaluation of cyber resiliency of your external facing systems, devices and apps you can establish trust with partner network, clients and employees about safety of their data.

In today’s cyber market, the key issue is the pull of Ultra Low Cost PenTest services. These ultra-low cost PenTest providers don’t go beyond putting your external IP into the automated scanners and pulling out report. The same report is served as findings of Penetration testing project. This automated scanner approach it not reliable as it skips various things. Our team takes it beyond auto scans and checks all possible ways to exploit the vulnerabilities by reducing the false positives.