Secure Your Cloud Environment with ValueSec

ValueSec offers thorough cloud security assessment services to guarantee strong cloud security. Determine weak points, evaluate dangers, and safeguard your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud misconfigurations continue to be the root cause of many cloud data breaches worldwide. Threat actors are constantly trying to exploit ineffective cloud configuration settings to gain access to data and disrupt workloads. Misconfigurations happens due to human error or by not following best practices.

Enterprise are moving towards vendor agnostic multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud approach which is leading to a common issue which is: How to have a single eye on various cloud environment and how to set a benchmark to establish optimum security. Also, with advancement of cyber threats the need for cloud continuous monitoring solutions is also on rise.

Valuesec provides impeccable cloud risk assessment services which enhances enterprise cyber defenses by evaluating cloud architectures and configurations, identifying security threats and validating technology controls relevant to your cloud-hosted environments.

Our Cloud Security services offers:

  1. Tactical Guidelines
  2. Hardened Environment
  3. Relevant Threats
  4. Comprehensive recommendations.