Understanding Dark Web Threat Intelligence

With our services for Dark Web Threat Intelligence and Monitoring, you can safeguard your company from unseen cyber attacks. Use ValueSec to identify possible threats and protect your data.

Dark Web Threat Intel and Monitoring

Data brokers and malicious actors continually sell and trade information on the dark web, and security teams alone are often unable to access forums and marketplaces where your data is likely to be found. Dark web monitoring uses both human and artificial intelligence to collect and analyze raw intelligence from across the dark web in real time. Dark web monitoring searches the dark web for information about your organization, including leaked or stolen data, compromised or breached credentials, intellectual property, and other sensitive materials.

We monitor:

  • Tor, .onion, .cab and alternative networks;
  • Dark web blogs, forums;
  • Chatrooms, IRC conversations;
  • Black market sites
  • Criminal auction sites.


Our dark web monitoring solution can recover the following types of objects and data:

  • Stolen Login Credentials
  • Compromised Bank Account Information;
  • Cloned Credit Card Details;
  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as Customer / Employee data;
  • Private / Sensitive Documents relating to the business;
  • Hacking documents and tools;
  • Leaked Source Code;
  • Copyright / Trademark infringement;
  • Technical Information / Data that could be used to target corporate systems.


Business  Benefits

  • Data Loss Recovery direct from criminal networks before final fraud event occurs;
  • Protect business assets and Intellectual Properties on the deep web;


Bolster existing data loss prevention and anti-fraud counter measures.

Dark Web Threat Intel and Monitoring