About ValueSec

Our goal is to understand your pain areas in cyber security, your environment (people, business processes & current tech tool stack) and then arriving on the right-fit, most viable, highly integrated and easy to manage cyber security solution for you.

We Illuminate Gaps
Unlike Anyone

We attach them with your business values and help you to become cyber resilient

Our Vision

Our vision is to make ValueSec essential to our clients success while growing to be a leader in the technology sector.

Our Mission

To make every part of the business more resilient & help them to discover new capabilities by using cutting edge technologies.

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Our Strategy

We don’t approach enterprises with a reseller and transaction-based mindset. Suggesting the technical solution comes last in our approach. We try to gel ourself into our client IT and business processes as soon as we agree to work together.

We try to buy in time investment from customers and convince them to put maximum efforts in going a discovery workshop with us which helps to discover the unknowns, helps in achieving better scope of work and deliverables. Valuesec professionals are not shy to suggest to consider full landscape to cover all areas in a specific issues, For Example: if any client is looking for just DLP(data leakage prevention) Solution, we suggest to first define and establish the data classification procedures to get maximum ROI from investment in DLP.

Valuesec experts help to attach the dollar value to our client’s investment in the scoping part itself which helps to get necessary budgetary approvals and buy-in from all internal stakeholders.

Our Execution strategy is 100% based on PMP methodology with unmatched quality of documentation in Industry at each step. During execution phase we deploy enough manpower at each level, and our SLA is just 15 mins response time