Go beyond traditional security testing with ValueSec

Boost your cybersecurity with our Red Team Engagement services. ValueSec lets you simulate real-world assaults and detect flaws.

Red Team Engagement

Red Team Exercise is an advance version of Pen Testing. Pen Testing is designed to identify and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible over a short period of time, while red teaming is a deeper assessment conducted over period of weeks and designed to test an organization’s detection and response capabilities and achieve set objectives such as data exfiltration.

In Summary, the Red team exercise is the simulation of attacks to test and breach the security controls established by the enterprise blue team.

Unlike in Pen Testing where pen-testers keep on doing the testing to find more and more vulnerabilities and exploit them, in Red Teaming we hunt for only one hole good enough to take us deep inside your network and then move freely, doing data manipulations, data exfiltration etc. We rigorously challenge the effectiveness of technology, personnel and process of your enterprise.


Is my Enterprise Ready for Red Teaming Exercise

We recommend to go for Red Team exercise only if you have reached a maturity level in your defence mechanism. In that case, Red Teaming will give maximum ROI on your investment on the project

Red Teaming is the most comprehensive and realistic way to test an organization’s ability to prevent complex cyberattacks. The process utilizes the most advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) from hackers’ arsenals.

During Red Teaming, the client’s security team is purposefully not informed about the engagement. Valuesec’s Red Team simulates the actions of real-life attackers based on specialized threat analysis and hacks the organization in a controlled and effective way. In the long term, the testing helps eliminate gaps in the organization’s information security.


Basic Red Teaming Scenarios

Red Teaming engagement scenarios differ for every client and depend on the goals set. Most often, scenarios include:

  1. AD (Active Directory) forest taker
  2. Client data exfiltration
  3. Access to a top manager’s device
  4. Intellectual property exfiltration

Our Red Teaming Services helps you to find answers to below questions?

  1. How effectively do your organization’s existing security measures protect important data?
  2. Is the organization’s alert and monitoring system configured correctly?
  3. To what extent is the company’s security team prepared to counter attacks conducted by highly skilled hackers?
  4. What possibilities become available to attackers within the infrastructure if users or their devices are compromised?

Our approach mirrors the behavior of real-life attackers as closely as possible to not only clearly demonstrate potential scenarios involving hacker attacks but also ensure that information systems are protected effectively.