The Importance of Open Source Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Make use of open source intelligence (OSINT) to improve your security posture and obtain insightful knowledge.

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The Combination of Internet, Deep and Dark Web is the world’s largest database. If the information exists in real and is legally obtainable, Our OSINT experts will find it.

Valuesec offers market-leading Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) that provides exceptional insights into your data spread across Internet.

Our OSINT method is powered by technical tools (automated) & people skillsets. Our advanced and matured process allow us to gather and analyse information from a wide range of sources, including:

  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Chat Sessions
  • Blogs
  • Dark Web

We offer highly customized OSINT services. You can choose the type of information and depth level you want to receive from our OSINT method. The service can be domain based, keyword based,  competitor analysis based. Our OSINT service will always keep you ahead from your competitor.

We also offer more specialised services like Business executives profile monitoring., Business executives face an increasing risk as criminals and hackers target key personnel as a leveraged means of attacking business assets and the corporate network. Cybercriminals can steal Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and private information for the purpose of identity theft, Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks and spear phishing.

Monitoring Suite employs a variety of services and data correlations, keyword heuristics, including multiple languages, and reverse image-based detection across a variety of platforms. We also have a high degree of expertise in dealing with the removal of offending web content and resolving more complex and sensitive incidents where defamatory or liable cases against individuals occur. Valuesec captures a range of forensic information to assist with law enforcement in applicable cases.

Our Executive Monitoring service will provide protection against:

  • Duplicate and fake Social Media accounts, blog and forum content
  • Identification of PII posted online and dark web
  • Prevent Cyberstalking, online bullying, hacktivism, and defamation


Our Process:

  • We prefer a one-day workshop where we evaluate the project scope, identify relevant data and suggest analytics.
  • Second part is about Implementation which includes search setup and implementing top of the line analytics (both manual and automated).
  • Third and last part is the Operation and Evaluation, with always accurate data delivered.