Expert SOC Design & Implementation

To create reliable Security Operations Center, ValueSec provides professional SOC design and implementation services.

SOC Design and Implementation

The one-size & one-strategy fits all Security Operations Center no longer works.

Many organizations buys many different tools for their SOC design but they struggle because the tool was not best-fit for them, the tools are not properly configured, there is a lack of integration between those many tools, the responsibility matrix, process mapping around the SOC tool has not done properly.

Even with greater awareness of the need to reduce the number of tools and connect the ones that are needed, the continuing talent shortage pulls down these well-intentioned efforts.

We design SOC in 7 steps:

  • Development of SOC Strategy for you
  • Design of your SOC solution.
  • Create processes, procedures, and training very specific to your environment.
  • Preparation of your environment
  • Implementation of solutions
  • Deploy and test end-to-end use cases
  • Maintain and evolve your solution.

During this whole course of SOC Design we also focus on your operating needs:

  • Operating Model – discusses the various factors that need to be considered when designing a SOC.
  • Onboarding – provides guidance on how to determine what logs/information should or could be made available to a SOC and introduces the use of attack trees to help you intelligently make decisions about log sources.
  • Detection – discusses the various approaches in detecting cyber attacks.
  • Threat Intelligence – touches on some of the common issues around threat intelligence and explores the value it adds to a SOC.
  • Incident Response and Management – builds on existing guidance and discusses how it fits into the SOC as a whole.