Managed Data Leakage Prevention

ValueSec’s Managed DLP solution can stop unintentional data leaks and illegal data exfiltration. We monitor data activity, identify potential leaks, and more.

Managed DLP (Data Leakage Prevention)

Early detection of attacks targeting endpoints and elimination of false positives is vital for organization to defend itself from emerging cyber threats, but without a team of highly skilled security experts to leverage the power of the latest EDR technology and proactively hunt for threats 24X7X365, your organization is going to face challenges in achieving the improvements in threat detection it seeks.

Valuesec Managed EDR service eases the challenge of 24X7X365 endpoint monitoring for threats and adversaries, supplying the latest technology in EDR, an around-the-clock team of highly skilled EDR certified experts and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence for a cost-effective subscription.