Uncover Cloud Vulnerabilities

Use our professional cloud penetration testing services to safeguard your cloud infrastructure. ValueSec can help you find vulnerabilities and safeguard your data.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud environments are layered and complex. We understand their intricacies and the methods to exploit them.

If your business utilises one or various cloud services platforms and cloud hosted applications to support your business operations, then of your assets on cloud become one of the top priorities.

Gartner estimates up to 95% of cloud breaches occur due to human errors such as configuration mistakes. Cyber hackers constantly scan the cloud environments to find these security gaps.

Our cloud penetration testing services identify configuration issues and vulnerabilities in your AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure and guide you to close the security gaps and improve your cloud security posture.

Our cyber security experts combine best-in-class technology and deep cloud expertise to test your cloud environment and its weaknesses against the most common and uncommon attacks. We try to give you a picture of what would happen if a skilled adversary took aim at your protected assets.

We peel back the complex layers of your cloud environment, we put your environment to the test against the same tactics, techniques, and procedures you’re likely to face in a real-world encounter. Extending analysis beyond simple misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, our assessors will uncover a variety of weaknesses and gaps – from unguarded entry points to overprivileged access and vulnerable internal pathways. Cutting through the noise that plagues baseline testing, we focus your security team where it makes the biggest impact.

AWS Pen Testing

Cloud environments have evolved in recent years with more and more companies migrating to cloud infrastructure hosted by providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). This introduces new vulnerabilities to the infrastructure, and especially with the Shared Responsibility Model, may introduce new risks to a company’s threat model when moving content into the cloud. 

Testing and auditing AWS services from a penetration testing perspective requires deep technical knowledge about all available configurations and possible security implications.

We help to uncover issues in IAM, S3 Buckets, Logical Access Control, Databases services and more.


Azure Pen Testing

Penetration testing your Microsoft Azure infrastructure is essential to ensure the security of your cloud, whether you’re migrating to Azure, developing cloud-native applications, using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), or performing compliance-related tasks. With the help of Valuesec Expertise, Azure penetration testing can identify high-impact vulnerabilities in your Azure services, including applications that are exposed to the internet.

Azure pen-testing also identifies exposed credentials, improper privileges, and security misconfigurations in your Azure Active Directory integration. These security issues can lead to the compromise of your Azure infrastructure and enable an adversaries to expose sensitive data, take over your Azure resources, or pivot to attack your internal network via Azure environment or permanently destruction of your data.