Uncover Code Vulnerabilities

ValueSec offers source code review services that can help you improve software security. Find and fix any vulnerabilities in your code to guarantee strong application security.

Source Code Review

Find Gaps Even Before Pushing Application to Production.

The development team in organization generally rely on code quality testing tools which is not capable to discover the gaps which leads to exploitation of the application. The code quality tool is more focussed towards finding bugs and errors.

We use a blended approach, automated testing as well as manual testing, that provides full coverage of your code for review. Not only do we focus on finding technical errors, but also, we spend the time to look for any business logic errors in your code.

We have a proven secure code review methodology which starts with interaction with developers, end-to-end coverage of code, analysing third party libraries, manual assessment, automated assessment, technical and business logic bugs & code standards checks. This process helps us to check the design for weaknesses and flaws, like legacy interoperability or insecure architectural dependencies that may result in a security compromise.

Manual review of code is augmented by, where applicable, automated static analysis via commercial, custom-built, and open-source tools.