ValueSec Business Cyber Risk Assessment

Minimize cyber risks within your business process cyber risk assessment with ValueSec’s comprehensive assessment.

Business Process Cyber Risk Assessment

Valuesec Business Process Risk Advisory practice assists clients in streamlining business processes & increasing the potential of implemented solutions without fear of being attacked by a cyber adversary.

We begin with business process as baseline and we end up performing an asset-based risk assessment. For example, a SaaS product company will likely have strong processes covering consumer support. It is highly likely that there are risks that exist solely at the process level, including the risk of an employee in a application support role being socially engineered into resetting and disclosing an account password.

We Cover below (but not limited to)

  1. Enterprise ERP process review
  2. Controls in various business apps
  3. Delegations
  4. Automated GRC solutions
  5. Duties of employees and how they behave for cyber risks
  6. Business Continuity and fault tolerance
  7. DLP – Data Leakage Protection Planning
  8. DRM – Digital Rights Management Planning