Protect Your Business Presence

Use ValueSec’s business reputation protection services to keep your company’s reputation safe. Reduce cyberattacks and safeguard the integrity of your brand.

Business Reputation

Fake and counterfeit products not only endanger your brand value and consumer trust, but can also put other lives in danger.

Our services help you to protect against counterfeiters, copyright pirates, and infringers of other types of IP, such as patents, design rights, color marks and trade dress, counterfeit products, fake social media profiles, rouge websites similar to your domain, social media impersonation.

We do fully custom Monitoring, analysis, enforcement, and reporting services tailored to meet the requirements of your brand.

How we create Value for clients:

  1. Our Brand Protection services allow you to optimize your workflow and concentrate on the essential elements of your product.
  2. Our services can prioritize the threats to your brand and focus on high-risk target.


We help to enforce by removing infringements automatically and at a large scale

Business Reputation