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Managed Services

Managed EDR (End Point Detection and Response)

The real ROI from a DLP program is how enterprises manage the solution.

Valuesec DLP managed services takes care of the DLP technology, Data Classification as well as the business processes leakage points. We utilizes specialized knowledge of data egress and exfiltration techniques to refine and tune DLP and other tools related to DLP.

Managed Data Loss Prevention is a proven way to protect your crown jewels such as your core intellectual property, your trade secrets, your client information, merger and acquisitions related data etc. But without specialized experts with the right experience, DLP deployments may never yield meaningful results.

We offer End-to-end managed service that will enforce behavior-centric policies to minimize breaches, deliver continuous monitoring of customers’ data assets and IP, and secure regulated data.

Managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

Valuesec Managed SIEM service to help monitor your security events with just-in-time threat intelligence. We manage your logs and data while identifying priorities. Hand the day-to-day alert management to our experts, and we’ll move the ball even further to hunt threats, analyze intelligence and investigate potential problems. 

We help you to:

  • Move beyond alerts to improve risk awareness through quick incident investigation and risk validation by Valuesec experts.
  • Expand your crew and lower costs by leveraging Valuesec virtual team 24/7/365.  
  • Shift to intelligence-driven operations using Valuesec Advanced Threat Intelligence Center (ATIC) tools and resources. 

Managed DLP (Data Leakage Prevention)

Early detection of attacks targeting endpoints and elimination of false positives is vital for organization to defend itself from emerging cyber threats, but without a team of highly skilled security experts to leverage the power of the latest EDR technology and proactively hunt for threats 24X7X365, your organization is going to face challenges in achieving the improvements in threat detection it seeks.

Valuesec Managed EDR service eases the challenge of 24X7X365 endpoint monitoring for threats and adversaries, supplying the latest technology in EDR, an around-the-clock team of highly skilled EDR certified experts and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence for a cost-effective subscription.

Managed Continuous Monitoring of Attack Surface

Valuesec managed service for continues monitoring of attack surface provides Continuous Risk Monitoring, Enables Safe Automated monitoring of entire network, provides comprehensive attack modelling from any breach point to critical asset, enables you to move from Proactive security model to rapidly prioritize and respond to risk, provides hybrid coverage across on-prem and multi cloud in a single console. 

  • Contextualize the risk
    What does my organization look like from an attacker’s perspective?
    What exposures exist across the hybrid environment that will make it attackable?
    How should I prioritize and communicate issues in the context of risk to the business?


  • Accurate prioritization
    Which exposures are on attack paths and specifically choke points?


  • Continuous improvement
    How do changes in my environment affect my security posture?
    How is my security rating trending over time?


  • Step-by-step remediation
    How should I fix the exposure?